Pulpit and Politics

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Pulpit and Politics explores the complex relationship between religious faith and public life in Canada and elsewhere. This is not merely a topic of interest but something that affects the lives of millions of people.There has been a perception that secularism reigns and that organized religion, not to mention private religious conviction, have become largely irrelevant to people.

But far from fading away, religion has come to play an increasingly prominent public role in contemporary societies.

If ever religion was a marginalized force, it has rebounded markedly, and not always for the better.

There is much research and writing in the United States and elsewhere about how important it is to understand the relationship between religious faith and public life. Far less attention has been devoted to the topic in Canada. Pulpit & Politics helps to fill that gap.

Great Canadian Speeches


Canada has a rich tradition of oratory and this site provides a brief history of the country as seen from the podium. The speeches found here will be of special interest on the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Canada’s story is not as dramatic as that of nations born in revolution or those in which violence reigns in the streets, but it is if anything more admirable. We were once a group of vulnerable British colonies but through circumstance and acts of genius we have become a democratic, prosperous, and diverse nation. Where others have used bullets and bombs, our projectiles have been words. They are the essence of all politics and negotiation. Words are an incomparably better tool than artillery or marching armies. Enjoy these Great Canadian Speeches and the historical introduction to each of them.