Dennis Gruending.

I am a Canadian writer and blogger, and a former MP. This site reflects my interests in politics, social justice, rhetoric and books.  You will see on the sidebar that I write two Blogs which I invite you to follow.  I have written or edited eight Books, which I would be delighted to have you read. Some of my  Journalism is posted on the site as well. Please check out my New to Know, Want to Know, and Quotable Quotes sections below to see what I am following and writing. I refresh this page regularly. You can follow it, but if you prefer to receive an email when I post, please Contact Me and I will add you to the list. Here is some of what I have been writing and reading in recent days:


Premier Doug Ford has shut down the COVID Science Advisory Table, a group of experts, which has been voluntarily advising the Ontario government and the public about how best to curb transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Ford is not alone among political leaders trying to muzzle experts and control the narrative on COVID-19.

Right wing extremism in Canada

Right wing extremism in Canada is something which just be closely watched, and acted upon. Here are two new pieces of information. A report from the Broadbent Institute’s Press Progress has used an Access to Information request which concludes that anti-vaxxers and far-right extremists pose a greater threat to Canada’s national security than religious extremists.

A second report on extremism and hate in Alberta suggests that ideological extremism is shifting to lone-actor behaviour. Think of the recently accosting of Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland by a burly interloper in Alberta.

Jackie Gruending: a memorial tribute

We lost our darling brother Jackie in August 2021 at age fifty-seven. My sister and I have worked together to publish a brief memorial booklet in his memory. It briefly combines Jackie’s personal history with that of our family and the small prairie community in which we were born and raised. There is also a sampling of photos.

Quotable Quote

“Lies that are left unchallenged become truths” – Canadian historian Irving Abella quoted in John Robert Colombo’s book Famous Lasting Words.