Dennis Gruending is an Ottawa-based writer and blogger and a former Member of Parliament.
Dennis Gruending.

I am a Canadian writer and blogger, and a former MP. This site reflects my interests in politics, social justice, rhetoric and books.  You will see on the sidebar that I write two Blogs which I invite you to follow.  I have written or edited eight Books, which I would be delighted to have you read. Some of my  Journalism is posted on the site as well. Please check out my New to Know, Want to Know, and Quotable Quotes sections below to see what I am following and writing. I refresh this page regularly. You can follow it, but if you prefer to receive an email when I post, please Contact Me and I will add you to the list.

New to Know

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report shows 100 highest-paid Canadian CEOs scored average compensation of $10.9 million in 2020 — 191 times more than the average worker.

Corporate sedition more damaging to America than Capitol attack: Robert Reich, former US secretary of labor, says corporate donations being used to undermine democracy

Want to Know

Covid and remote learning, a grandparent’s diary: My six-year-old grandson’s school is closed to in-person learning because of COVID-19. I sit with him for remote learning. It is stressful for everyone.

Religious affiliation continues to decline: Statistics Canada report based on 2021 census shows the share of people reporting a religious affiliation continues to fall — from 90% in 1985 to 68% in 2019. That, and a lot more, in the report.    

Quotable Quote:

“The heart of the person before you is a mirror, see there your own form” – Shinto proverb