Dennis Gruending is an Ottawa-based writer and blogger and a former Member of Parliament.
Dennis Gruending.

I am a Canadian writer and blogger, and a former MP. This site reflects my interests in politics, social justice, rhetoric and books.  You will see on the sidebar that I write two Blogs which I invite you to follow.  I have written or edited eight Books, which I would be delighted to have you read. Some of my  Journalism is posted on the site as well. Please check out my What’s New, What’s Popular,  and Quotable Quotes sections below to see what I am following and writing. I refresh this page regularly. You can follow it, but if you prefer to receive an email when I post, please Contact Me and I will add you to the list.

What’s New?

Historians and genocide: On June 30, 2021 the Council of the Canadian Historical Association issued a statement saying, “the long history of violence and dispossession Indigenous peoples experienced in what is today Canada, recognizes that this history fully warrants our use of the word genocide.” Now a group of historians have issued an open letter saying that the CHA should never have issued the statement. Here are the competing statements:
1). Canada Day statement, 2). Open letter

What’s Popular?

National Observer: We need this election to be all about climate, but so far it isn’t

Mouseland, a parable by Tommy Douglas: Worth recalling during this election campaign

Quotable Quote:

“Quick to listen. Slow to speak. Slow to anger” – Christian apostle St. James, 1:19